Your Authentic Self

My name is Mary Rodgers and I offer personalized health and wellness products and services in the White River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. I am a Certified Reflexologist and professionally trained in Reiki and Sound Healing work, as well as cosmetology and esthetics.

Each of us is defined by our unique genetics, personal experiences, influences from others and learning. I have spent my entire adult life healing the past, resolving emotional issues with various therapies which has allowed me to rebuild a new world view with a clear purpose of living a life of wellness. 

I am a healer with a focus on restoring the body’s natural flow of health. My primary focal point is accessing pressure points in the feet that mirror vital organs in the body and reconnect the body’s innate ability to heal ailments and dis-ease.

I have created a simple line of all natural body care products that can accompany your path toward wellness. The naturally active ingredients offer exceptional soothing qualities, providing alcohol-free aromatherapies to refresh with healing benefits.

In many ways, the family of products evolved in a divinely inspired practice of trusting my feeling and understanding how life gracefully unfolds. Featuring distinctive essential oil blends to soften, smooth and scent the skin, which can be used directly on the body or to enhance bathing and showering rituals. 

I love what I do and provide the deepest commitment to the care and wellness from healing.

Essential You

Your Authentic Self works exclusively with Tejbir Kaur Kahlsa of Essential You, who makes custom essential oil blends for people to assist or uplift them on their journey through life. 

Essential oils embody characteristics that can address specific challenges and opportunities for those who use them. Individual journeys, however, are often layered, sometimes blended, and always unique. You need an essential oil that is as unique as you are.

Tejbir has created the Signature Scent aromatherapy of YAS Body Care products, creating a unique one-of-a-kind Essential You blend that is intended for where you are currently on your life journey, and help faciliate emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. 

Tejbir has a passion for essential oils and the effects they have on emotions and the physical body. She uses certified therapeutic grade essential oils and customizes each blend based on provided details addressing key areas in the body and emotions, with an intention of bringing together the "essence of" the present moment with a re-minding to stay present in every occasion.

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Fairhaven Healing Arts Center

My biggest mentor and a healer with the most influence in my journey toward equanimity is Lisa Ishwari Murphy, founder and director of FHAC in Fairhaven MA. Lisa has helped me through many difficult moments, transforming my personal difficulties into opportunities of growth and healing. She has taught me to stand firmly balanced in a world of constant change, where life continually presents opportunity for mind-body-spirit equilibrium.

Lisa is a truly gifted healer and works with people from all walks of life, adults, children, couples, families, groups, animals and other healers. She possesses the innate ability to connect on an intimate level, to see who you are and where there may be an imbalance in your life. She will gently guide you embracing your shadow and transmuting it into light and aid you in attaining a balanced and joyful state of being.

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Bridge To Natural Wellness

Denise is a graduate of Ulan Nutritional Systems and North Eastern Institute of Whole Health. She is a qualified practitioner in multiple health techniques, including Master status in the field of Nutrition Response Testing™.

Nutritional Response Testing™ has helped her clients to find previously hidden, underlying causes of stubborn or resistive health situations and helped many clients with common health conditions with safe and natural treatments. She has combined her varied background in nutritional healing, massage therapy, and other health and management studies with experience to provide a unique combination of customer sensitivity, practical hands-on experience and holistic educational therapeutic skills.

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Barbara Lucchese, CMT,YTT

Barbara is a dear friend and practitioner — 20 years of massage practice, 40 years of yoga studies, and 10 years of cancer treatments. She is a two-time cancer survivor (1999–2009) who has learned quite a bit about the body and mind. It is her hope that she may inspire others to care for themselves and others, whatever their journey in life brings them.

Barbara trained in California, NYC, NJ, Hawaii, Vermont and India. She has served fellow cancer patients to Ironmen Triathletes, corporate business people to monasteries; serving with joy and looking forward to facilitating wherever you are in your health journey.

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African Market Baskets™

As soon as I saw these baskets, I knew immediately they would be the perfect way to present a collection of body care products as a gift basket. The quality of the baskets is superb, they are very sturdy and the colors are truly amazing. 

I love the baskets not only because of their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, but most importantly because African Market Baskets’ core values align with mine — committed to helping the weavers and their families by donating proceeds that provide health, education and economic support to African villages. Their Every Basket Helps non-profit organization also helps better manage humanitarian projects in the villages of Ghana. I feel blessed to be to support a company with this mission, knowing a portion of  purchases will go towards supporting their great causes.

Weaving Hope, Healthcare and Education

African Market Baskets™ is focused on handcrafted Bolga baskets and the remarkable artisans who weave them. They work directly with artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana and are wholeheartedly devoted to creating a positive experience for all involved. Proceeds from the sale of each basket helps to provide healthcare, education and financial support to over 1,000 African villagers and their children.

African Market Baskets™ is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.
African Market Baskets™ is a division of The Overseas Connection, Ltd., located in Boulder, Colorado.