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Wellness from healing

Finding Your Authentic Self

I offer treatments for anyone wanting to maintain a balance of wellness and healthy choice. Letting go of worries is a healthy way to loosen unsettled feelings and dis-eased thoughts. I can help free up those ailments and bring to awareness what may be preventing movement toward a more complete and satisfying life. There is no better time than right now to discover your authentic self and begin a lifetime of wellness.

Your Authentic Self Body Care Collection features handcrafted body products made with all-natural and organic ingredients. These therapeutic blend of butters, oils, lotions, Himalayan salt, essential oils and naturally derived ingredients is great for all skin types and can help those who suffer from chronic or acute conditions, who are tired of taking drugs day after day, and want natural solutions to pain relief and want to be in control of their health, once and for all. 




Available Mondays through Thursdays by appointment only.

Please call Mary Rodgers to discuss your symptoms to help determine a treatment that can best address your level of need.



I have to say this was truly a wonderful experience. The Reflexology treatment covered much more than I anticipated and was a must along with the Foot Detox. Can’t wait for my next appointment.
— Denise McMahon
I have been having reflexology treatment with Mary for two years; she has assisted me with finding balance with myself and manage pain. Due to scheduling, I had not seen Mary for a few months. However, I have seen the error of my ways. :-) I feel relaxed, centered and focused after my treatment, and do not want to lose those feelings. Give Mary and her magic spirit a chance and you will make the same commitment.
— Robynn Moore
A deeper peace. Last week I had my second reflexology session with Mary. The experience is at once deeply grounding for the body, profoundly relaxing for the mind, and expanding for the spirit. I am making a commitment to myself to visit Mary on a regular basis to enhance my overall health and well-being.
— Linda Hopper
I feel blessed to have found Mary. With her support, I am finding and healing emotional hurts that I didn’t even realize were so deep. It feels good to find my authentic self!
— Melanie S.

About Me

MY NAME IS Mary Rodgers

I am the owner of Your Authentic Self, offering personalized health and wellness services that focus on restoring the body's natural flow of health. My primary focus is accessing pressure points in the feet that mirror vital organs in the body and reconnect the body's innate ability to heal ailments and dis-ease. I love what I do and provide the deepest commitment to the care and wellness from healing.

Spa Products

Your Authentic Self creates natural handcrafted body care products for retail sale and professional in-house use in upscale health and wellness spas. YAS delivers body lotions, scrubs, butters, soaks and lip balms to the Woodstock Inn & Resort, Stowe Mountain Lodge, Swansea Spa and Salon Ell.